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PTFE Membrane Roof Structure Solution for Foshan International Furniture Expo Mall


Foshan International Furniture Expo Mall is located in Foshan, Guangdong Province, which is the biggest international furnishing saloon and hypermarket in Pearl River Delta at present. Four 9-layer large saloons with 1.80 million ㎡ respectively form into cross-shaped atrium, including roof day lighting and round umbrella roof. Atrium round umbrella roof is cable-membrane structure with diameter of 89m; 32 groups of V-shaped membrane form into suspension cable umbrella with diameter of 89m, the unilateral area of each piece of V-shaped membrane is about 370㎡, and the total area is 11840㎡. For the cross-shaped corridor, the combining roof between glass day lighting roof and membrane structure is supported by steel structure bearing, the entire covering area is 24,800 m2, and the membrane occupied 1/3.

This project is located in Guangdong province with abundant sunshine and hot climate; through the calculation, the single face of each V-shaped membrane is up to 900m2, the length is up to 57m; finally, American Saint-Gobain SF-I PTFE membrane is adopted. The deepening design and construction of the steel structure, membrane structure and glass day lighting roof in this project as well as the cable system hoisting, tension and other works are completed by Guangzhou Canobbio Asiatex Construction Technology Co., Ltd, and this project is completed in September, 2012.

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