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TiO2 coating can be purifying air, the data were shown that 1000 TiO2 membrane is equal 100 trees.
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    Canton China
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    Canton China or Milan Italy
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    17 days

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Our company is  specifications in the whole process of tensile structure construction including  project design, material purchasing and processing, physical distribution, installation on site and maintaining services, etc.
PVDF and Tio2 coating Fabric Ceiling

Super Projection Screen Tensile Membrane Fabric Ceiling

Tensile membrane Fabric Ceiling can be used as super projection screen, 3D facade, hyperbola roof.

PTFE fiberglass Dome Tensile Roof

Fiberflon PTFE openmesh Dome Tensile Roof for Zhongshan Decorative Center

This Dome Tensile Roof is made by Canobbio in 2015, it's used Fiberflon PTFE openmesh membrane.

Indoors Airport Soft Ceilings

Ferrari SK 300 PTFE Tensioned Membrane Soft Ceilings for Airport

Tensioned Membrane Soft Ceilings has been widely in more and more international airport due to the advantage of light structure,  long life span and excellent fireproofing.

Soft Ceiling Structure

Tennis Court Stage Indoors Dome PVDF Soft Ceiling Membrane Structure

Super Screen PVDF soft ceiling membrane strucure can be used in stage for lighting projection, which can make very nice lighting effect for shows in stage.

Italy Membrane Stretch Ceilings

Commercial Interior PTFE Permanent EC3 Fiberglass Membrane Stretch Ceilings

PTFE membrane Stretch Ceilings for Shopping mall of Brickell city center in Miami was completed by Canobbio Italy Team in 2015.

Purifying Air Tio2 coating PVC soft ceilings

China Commercial PVC soft ceilings with TiO2 coating membrane of Purifying air

China Commercial Tio2 coating PVC soft ceilings can have purifying air functions. As international research shows 1,000 Tio2 membrane is equal  to 100 trees.

PTFE fiberglass Soft Ceiling Structure

Canobbio Saint Gabin PTFE Tensile Fabric Soft Ceilings Structure

Indoor PTFE Soft Ceiling Structure has higher fireproofing requirement, especially in public area, like airport, station, shopping mall, commercial building etc.

MEHLER Fabric Soft Membrane Ceilings

Flame Resistance Class A Purfing Air PTFE Soft Membrane Ceilings

PTFE Soft Membrane Ceilings for Zhengzhou Airport  by Canobbio Team in 2015.

Design service of building

Ancient building renovation

Ancient building are more and more old, some material have to be replaced, so Canobbio can be provided the service of Ancient building renovation and other works, engineerings and so on.

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