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Cable-membrane tensile structure is still fine safe after 15 years


Cable-membrane tensile structure is still safe after 15 years

The PVDF membrane structure roof for Haikou Local Taxation Bureau, which was built by our company in 2002, is located at the intersection of Minsheng East Road and Yulan Road in Haikou. It has also experienced lots of super typhoon. The roof of the Haikou Local Taxation Bureau still looks fine after 15 years.

Our company returned to Haikou Local Taxation Bureau on May 16, 2017. After 15 years of construction, we're proud to see the membrane structure roof , the whole structure is clean, the color is basically white, even though some area is a bit dirty. The Ferrari T2 coated membrane, its own self-cleaning layer, does have it. Unique, it is no wonder that other PVC membranes can't catching up. In addition to the rust of the steel frame, the project is still very beautiful overall. As a benchmark for PVDF architectural membranes, Ferrari deserves it!

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