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Theme of Tensile fabric structure-Sports Stadium


Theme of Tensile fabric structure-Sports Stadium

Sports is regarded as one of the important methods of maintaining social stability, reducing crime, reducing social welfare expenditures, enhancing urban economic vitality and promoting urban development. Since the 21st century, we have paid more and more attention to the development of sports, and various sports events have also added color to civic life. During this period, the tensile membrane structure has been greatly developed。

Taking China as an example.The stadium has reached approximately 1.75 million till 2017.Tensile provides custom fabric structures to suit a large range of sporting applications. Today’s technology in fabric design allows for multiple variations in the product while keeping the structural integrity of the product.

From Day-lighting venue to lighting up the facade with multiple colors. Our highly Customisable structures are relocatable, and built with strict adherence to international engineering standards and codes. Our fabric structures can be built to service a wide range of sports, including gymnastics, tennis, netball, and many more. Our team delivers a quick installation process, the highest possible structural integrity, professionalism, and a cost-effective solution to your sporting needs.

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