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Why choose Canobbio to make the membrane structure?


Tropical strom Higos landed in Zhuhai on August 19, 2020, the wind force in center is at 12 class above. After the violent typhoon, we got complaint message from one client about one membrane roof project done by another company in 2019, you can find pic as below to have a look. 

Some units are broken, it need extra time to repair it. And the client can't run the tennis court during this period. While the project we made to them for another tennis court in 2009 is still well. it has resisted several strong typhoons in past 10 years.

When we made the tender last year, another company's price was lower than us, the client chose them due to price, but they regret not to choose us now.

Canobbio is responsible for all the projects we have done, we take care of the quality and really make sure it will be suitable for local building code. And we're confident to say that our membrane structure can resist Wind Level 12 violent typhoon. Those membrane structure roofs Canobbio made in Zhuhai are all well after several typoon landed in Zhuhai for the past 10 years.

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