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Construction the tensile membrane structure according to Local conditions


When designing the membrane structure architecture, we must first consider the requirements and needs of the customer, and then make relevant guidance. According to the actual situation, the appropriate membrane structure can be constructed to create a satisfactory membrane structure.

According to the different forms of the membrane structure, there are mainly three kinds of membrane structures: a skeleton membrane structure, an inflatable membrane structure and a tension membrane membrane structure. In the process of selection, we must consider the actual situation and choose a suitable one. The skeleton membrane structure is to lay a membrane material on the skeleton of a steel frame or other materials so as to be able to construct different types of membrane structures.

In fact, for the design of membrane structure, it mainly includes body shape design, initial balance shape analysis, load analysis and cutting analysis, etc., mainly through the shape design to define the shape and size of the building plane, the clearance volume, the three-dimensional shape, and determine each The specific coordinates and structural form of the control point are in addition to the selection of membranes and construction schemes.

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