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Canobbio Supply the membrane ceiling of Safety and health

The Safety and health membrane ceiling mean: the membrane ceiling can be provided fireproof, Non-toxic environment. 
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  • Payment:

    LC OR T/T
  • Product origin:

    Canton China
  • Color:

    White or tailored
  • Shipping port:

    Canton China or Milan Italy
  • Lead Time:

    17 days

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Our company is  specifications in the whole process of tensile structure construction including  project design, material purchasing and processing, physical distribution, installation on site and maintaining services, etc.
membrane cover of footbridge

tensile membrane for footbridge roof

the cover of footbridge is used tensile membrane, it can be provided shade and waterproof, especial in summer the roofing is good shade for people.

Air hold membrane dome

Emergency mobile Hospital for coronavirus crisis

Mobile big span tent for emergency hostipal, the building are combined from air rib beam, provided super span space for people in earthquake, outbreak of infectious disease, such as Wuhan's coronavirus crisis China 2002. this is non-permanent buidling, the span life should be 10 years or more. So the emergency air-hold dome should be best choice, after the coronavirus crisis, the dome also be move, and the price cheap.

Chinese code of Technical Specification for Membrane Structures

Technical Specification for Membrane Structures

our design team is internation team, these enginers are from European and China and other countries, the team can be provided design service according to kinds building code: 1-Sport center panning design; 2-3D model made; 3-analysis of structure; 4-perspective drawings made; 5-Engineering made; 6-Shop drawings made; 7-budget of sport center made. 8-manufacture and installation

tensile tent for hotel

Tent of room Hotel

the tent is made by steel frame and PVC membrane, light and asemble easy, remove easy. it is meet the requirement of temporary shelter. The room hotel of tent had been included bathroom facilities, it can be used to be connected the system of water supply and drainage.

tensile fabric

Built-Up Roofing Membrane

Built-Up Roofing Membrane usually are combined with steel frame (aluminum frame, wooden frame, bamboo frame), these type frame will be support the membrane roof. Some membrane roof is used  as lighting roof, some as landscape building.

Ferrari PVDF Inverted Umbrella Tensile Structure

New Arts PVDF Reverse Inverted Umbrella Tensile Structure

New Arts PVDF Reverse Inverted Umbrella Tensile Structure is usually used in rainny area,  which has the function to collect the water and drain it away.

China Style Building Tensile Structure Design

Gate Tower Bird Shape Tensile Membrane Roof Structure Design

Bionic Architecture Tensile Roof structure can be designed as bird shape or any other animals' shape according to clients' requirement.

All procedures of produced according to specifications

Safety membrane roofing

All produces of produced have to be made accroding specifications.  So the resist typoon and safety tensile membrane are complete.

agricultural eco friendly green house

Agricultural High Transmittance ETFE Membrane Gardening Green house

Agricultural Gardening Green house is very ecologically friendly project for flowers, vegetables and plants.

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